Our manufacturing processes and production facility complies with highest international quality,  safety, and environmental standards.
All raw materials are sourced from our approved vendors list and controlled according to strict parameters to ensure best product outcome at every production.

From materials input to delivery to our customers, Sonnenflex monitors all phases of process to pursue its flawless production and service philosophy.
Sonnenflex operates under ISO 9001 quality management system and has been carrying the certification through the years
At 2011, Company also entitled with prestigious certification from oSA (Organisation for Safety of Abrasives) a leading institution that sets high quality and safety standarts of the industry, thus Sonnenflex shows its dedication for manufacturing high-quality and safe abrasive products .

Sonnenflex, also a member of FEPA (the Federation of European Producers of Abrasives) ,  has been cooperating with the organisation to follow and implement outlined standarts for abrasive products.
Cut-off wheels and grinding discs manufactured according to EN 12413 , coated abrasives manufactured according to EN13743 norms.
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